4e Chaos Scar

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 14

Nevitash lay dead on the trail, Dak Race, Oldris Namere, Grumbar, and Vajra the Magnificent were taken prisoners, and added to the halfling chain gang. The gnolls separated the adventurers from each other upon arrival to the encampment. Dak and Vajra were immediately sacrificed to Yeenoghu, Demonlord of the gnolls. Grumbar believes Oldris to be alive, but has not been seen in a few days. Grumbar badly beaten, painted with barbecue sauce and chained to a cave wall, hung from his shackles wracked in sorrow and pain. Sometime later between blackouts and beatings, Grumbar was accompanied by five halflings. The gnoll slavers’ locked the halflings into chains on the cave wall across from Grumbar. One of the halflings had a key and began to unlock himself and one by one they unlocked each other and took up sentry, Grumbar pleaded with them to unlock him. The halflings were not interested. Grumbar again tried to reason with the halflings, one took mercy and threw him the keys and said stay out of our way. Grumbar grabbed the keys with his toes and positioned the keys with his feet to open the shackle on his wist.

Grumbar carefully follows the halflings out of the cave. Grumbar decided to climb the cave hillside instead of following the halflings through the center of the gnoll encampment. The halflings were soon discovered but not before Grumbar clawed his way up to the top of a muddy hillside. Tired, and weakened Grumbar ran, and ran, until he could only limp away from his captors. He was soon aware the gnolls with their hyenas were on his scent. Grumbar picked up two large stones to use as make-shift weapons. The hyenas caught up to Grumbar, one tried to bite Grumbar and knock him to the ground. Grumbar managed to evade the attack. He arrived finally at a ford and made the drop gracefully as he swan-dived into the river. The river current rushed him downstream several miles. Grumbar manged to narrowly escape the gnolls. Grumbar’s dive fooled the gnolls ro believe he will wash up dead along the river bank. The leader of the gnoll pack broke off their pursuit.

Several days later Grumbar arrives in Yanshi. He managed to get some clothing donated to him from halfling which made Grumbar appear a little silly, as the clothing was much to small for him but was better than being in his loin cloth. Eventually, he manged to get word to Tiny who reported Grumbar and his companion’s situation to Geoferry.

Geoferry assisted Grumbar to get re-equipped. Geoferry was saddened and disappointed that the ashes of the Aspect of Tharizdun were lost to the gnolls. This was also set back to the overall quest of destroying the far-realm curios, and destroying the aberrant-evils within them. Grumbar swore to the Raven Queen that the gnolls will know death, as he will avenge his companions one day.

Geoferry suggested that Grumbar go to the jungle outpost of Sawato. Every year the Sho-to folk host a hunt. This year was being Sawato. The purpose of the hunt is ostensibly to thin the population of dangerous monsters in the vicinity of the colony, but it’s an open secret that the quest for the biggest, rarest trophies is really just a proxy for the endless competition between the sponsoring merchants and noble houses. Grumbar makes friends with a female elf seeker named Caewin, a warforged rune priest named Henge, and a male deva swordmage named Vega. Together they formed an adventuring company named Grumbar Inc.

The rules of the hunt are quite clear. Journey into the jungle, seek out a monstrous creature, destroy it, and bring back the most impressive quarry to be judged in Sawato. Only 24 hours have been allotted to perform this task or face disqualification. Grumbar Inc. finds a a sponsor, the Order of Belox – this trading house specializes in the recovery of ancient artifacts from the ancient Serpentine Empire. Many priceless cultural artifacts are melted down for their precious metals or stripped of their decorative gems, but some are shipped back to Shoushi as museum pieces. Their representative is a bespectacled human Sho-to archaeologist. House Belox offers assistance in navigating the jungle by giving them some old maps that show some of the ancient temples of the Serpentine empire, and some of the good trails that still exist between them.

The jungle is a wild green hell as you leave the relative safety of Sawato. Cawing screeches of various bird and monkeys echo through the trees. It is amazingly hot and the air is so humid that it is an effort to breathe. The jungle is shaded by the immense trees, which seems like a boon, but the shade is home to clouds of stinging and biting flies. There is one clear path into the jungle, but it rapidly divides into a series of much smaller trails that wind around and fade into the jungle. The party plagued by heat, humidity, biting insects, posionous reptiles, and razor-sharp foilage press on looking for prey. The conditions are dreadful and dangerous.

They have traveled into a marshy area of the jungle. Rushes nearly twice the height of a man surround the party all sides, cutting at any exposed skin. You see small totemic fetishes hung on some of the plants – animal skulls with feathers and hung with beads made from crudely carved bone. As Grumbar Inc. come to an open patch of water, they see several lizardfolk looking at them in amazement. The party seemed to have startled them. They start making noises at the party that more-or-less resemble the common tongue (pidgin common). The party realized these folk are easily impressed by a show of bravado and strength. Grumbar Inc. ask the lizard folk if they have seen any creatures worthy of their prowess. The lizardfolk point the party westward.

As Grumbar Inc. slogs through the miserable heat and the annoying drone of many insects who bite at their skin, they move into a patch of relative shade. The shade seems to go on for quite a ways, and upon further exploration, they find that they have reached the base of a massive cliff. Thick roots and vines jut out of the moss-covered cliff face. Grumbar Inc. scale their way up 60 feet or so to the top of a plateau. This large clearing once held a temple to Zehir. All that remains is the raised dais and altar, standing atop a rubble-choked staircase. Statues flank the stairs, though several lie in pieces. Pits fall away on both sides. Fragments of rubble, cracked flagstones, and the bleached white bones of some great beast poke up out of the thick carpet of grass and leaves. Tracks of small scavengers can be seen throughout the area, but otherwise it seems abandoned. The party encounters another hunting party led by a surly dwarf priest of Kord. The rude and combative priest decides they were done hunting and either Grumbar Inc. move on to let the dwarf and his group search the ruins or face deadly consequences. Grumbar decides lets take down these idiots, combat ensues. The party narrowly defeats the other hunting company. They do take mercy on a female in the enemy party by tying her up and leaving her to fend for herself in one of the ruins ten foot pits. Caewin finds a secret panel near the ruined dais with about 200 gold pieces hidden inside. Soon Caewin picks up the trail of some small house cat sized lizards and well as some larger guard drakes and rage drakes. eventually she picks up the trail of a dragon and believes they maybe able to lay ambush up ahead some distance near a watering hole. A break in the thick jungle canopy allows bright sunlight to stream down for the first time in miles. The noise of the rushing river you have been following drowns out most of the other sounds of the jungle. Ahead, Grumbar Inc. can see the wreckage of an ancient tower. The architectural style appears to have been quite serpentine, and it must have been sturdily built, as portions of the walls still stand 20 feet high, although the roof and gates are long gone. Perched atop one of the walls of the ruined tower is a creature that surely must be at the top of the local food chain—a red dragon! The party is seen approaching and the red dragon attack with ferocity to protect her hunting grounds. Grumbar makes the killing blow into the red dragon. He also takes from it a thigh bone to make a new set of dice. With this impressive kill the adventurer’s are sure to get first prize. They quickly rush back to get their quarry to the judges table.

they return to Sawato is without further incident. Many of the other adventuring companies have already completed their own expedition. A massive, grisly pile of monster parts has accumulated in the center of town, where the judging committee has set up its review stand. A huge crowd has gathered, watching with rapt attention as the hunters are called forth to present their most impressive kills and tell the story of how the beast was taken. The judges examine each trophy with a critical eye and take notes, whispering to one another and smiling or frowning as each company makes its trophy presentation.

At last the time for announcing the results has come. All the other adventuring companies – at least, those who made it back out of the jungle – make their way back to the makeshift parade ground at the center of town. A large, rectangular box stands on the stage, draped with a velvet cloth embroidered with the heraldry of the Sho-to. The governor of Sawato, a thin human Sho-to with a reedy voice, steps to the podium and clears his throat. The crowd falls silent. “It was a truly magnificent hunt,” intones the governor. “My thanks, and the thanks of all, go to these brave souls who risked their lives in pursuit of terrifying and deadly beasts of all sorts. Our colony is much safer thanks to the culling you have performed.” The crowd breaks into applause and cheers, slapping the nearest adventurers on the back. “But helping us protect our colony is not truly why you came here, is it? You came to test your strength and mind against the wily beasts of the jungle – and, perhaps more importantly, you came to pit yourselves against the mettle of your fellow adventurers. One group among you has met that challenge and risen to the top! Ladies and gentlemen, I present the finest specimen that was taken during the Jungle Hunt! Grumbar Incorporated!”

The governor dramatically yanks the velvet cloth away, revealing a magnificent display case. A collective gasp rises from the crowd as the winning trophy is revealed – Grumbar Inc. your trophy, but his words are lost in the roar of the cheering crowd. Grumbar Inc. are hoisted on the shoulders of the people of Sawato and carried around the town in a spontaneous parade. The other adventurers and the representatives of the trading houses you did not choose watch enviously while your sponsor beams with pride.

You will not have to buy your own drinks for many days, as you are asked to tell and retell your story time and again.

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 13

The party takes a day to rest in an inn outside Rithwic. While enjoying breakfast, a halfling wearing rent clothing, bruised and bloodied stumbles into the inn taproom crying for help as he passes out. Navitash, brings the poor farmer around with a quick healing prayer. The halfling cries that his family was attacked on their farm by gnolls. He managed to escape his bonds, and ran as fast as he could to get help. He pleas for their help, as he is sure the gnolls will be gone if he wastes any time going to Rithwic proper to alert the authorities.

The party seems interested in assisting the halfling, he tells them how to get there just a thirty minute horse ride down the main trade route. The party makes haste to find the farmstead, and encounters the gnolls still vandalizing the farmstead and feasting on some of the dead. Debris litters the area, from the structures brought down to mere rubble. A lone farm house still stands erect while the ferocious beastmen are vandalizing the structure.

Combat ensues as diplomatic option s seem clearly impossible. The gnolls are put down without much trouble. Vajra finds a survivor and Navitash revives them, the survivor gives Vajra a magic heirloom fan hoping to entice the group to pursue the gnolls and rescue his family taken captive.

The party tracks the gnolls which have taken seventeen halfling slaves, marching them in a chain-gang fashion. The large imposing cacklefiend hyena, claw fighters and beastcaller lay waste to the group of adventurer’s, and one by one fall unconscious, or dead. Navitash’s ongoing damage slays him. Grumbar is taken prisoner, probably to be boiled in barbecue sauce and eaten.

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 12

The longer than normal rest period help to make up for the downright creepy underground tomb the adventurers agreed to relax. After ten somewhat uneasy hours the adventurers felt rested. Grumbar shares his basket of everlasting provisions with his comrades. Now having full stomachs and rested bodies they begin to search for a way out of the gatehouse above them. The large heavy reinforced doors in which they came have mobs of undead still beating and scratching at the doors. Finally after some searching Navitash discovers it maybe possible to excavate through the gate house’s collapsed entry into Lytelthorpe keep’s courtyard. During the excavation Oldris injured his grappling hand and equipped a shield in order to better defend himself and the party. Oldris volunteers to climb through the burrow that they made in the debris. After crawling through the debris the courtyard is to no surprise unkempt and in a state of neglect. Two imposing structures stand side by each in the courtyard surrounded by a large twenty foot smooth wall with catwalks on top and crenelations. The larger building is the famous Lythelthorpe keep, the other a militaristic and sturdy looking temple of Bahamut. The party finds the Temple is closed and locked up. Entering the temple they find it has been defiled in recent times with sacrifices of blood and bodies. The party draws nearer to the sacrificial circle whence the party is met with blurry vermin with sickly green glowing orbs for eyes. As the vermin close an ethereal marauder joins the fray to complicate things further. Combats ensues with our beloved adventurers victorious. They uncover inside one of the storage rooms a rotting undead dragonborn claw it quickly scurries over to a few javelins laying on the floor among other clutter attacks Oldris as he bashes the door open. The clawed hand casts a spell attempting to blind everyone with ravens. Most take ongoing damage. Vajra managed to stay out of it’s ranged burst attack. Dak went temporarily blinded. Grumbar picked up a large barrel and tried to crush the dragonborn claw, to no avail. Finally the little nuisance was rent through.

Afterward the temple now being cleansed of creatures, the group decided to clean up the temple and try to rededicate it to a pantheon of good. Both Grumbar and Oldris slipped whilst scrubbing the floors and walls, leaving it up to Dak to finish. Meanwhile Navitash prepared holy water to cleanse the temple of its defilement. Overall they were successful in removing the defilement. An ere of hope blew into the temple of which had not probably been felt in years maybe decades. The group found several ritual books along with a few other items that may help them in their path to glory and riches.

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 11

The party finds the Gatehouse courtyard entry is blocked with debris and find a large cellar type stairwell. Upon entry into the lower level the group finds a tombstone construct of the Hopeslayer, a animus of destruction willed by the necrotic energies surrounding Lytelthorpe. The party topples the abomination, the tapestries also cursed make for tight quarters as the horrific images of bloody streaking dragonborn claws by some invisible entity, plays havoc on a few of the heroes psyche. The group moves onto to finding a group of bleak cultist performing a ritual to help return the Hopeslayer. The bones of the aspect of the Hopeslayer were discovered and destroyed by fire. The ashes are now sitting on the stone floor. The ritual is thwarted, and the heroes take a long deserved extended rest before heading out. And facing the undead of Lytelthorpe.

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 10

The party recovers several ritual books and a letter that read:

It is time for the master to return. Cold darkness is seeping across the land and it’s filling our bodies with new power. I can feel him waiting and his power is growing even in his imprisonment. He wants to be free. As much as I fear the Virindi, I fear the Hopeslayer more. I shall seek them out and if they do not destroy me on sight, I shall ask for aid in returning Bael’Zharon to Dereth. You will be free soon, First Herald. Then shall the Brotherhood of the Scar shall pay for their treachery. Soon…

The party takes the ritual books and the letter to Geoferry in Arwic. Geoferry is truly disturbed by the letter, and reveals the party must go to Lytelthrope. One of the rituals a very complex spell is now in Geoferry’s possession as he tries to examine its elements. The party was told by Geoferry to destroy the bones of the aspect of Tharizdun. Apparently long ago Tharizdun’s aspect was destroyed and the bones were sealed in a tomb. The land was cursed. Undead rove aimlessly in Lytelthrope. The lands around continously have a eerie mist and gray-scale palate of colors surrounding it. The party heads into Lytelthorpe, as the approach the keep they encounter run-ins with the shambling hordes of undead. They race to the Gatehouse of the keep with undead mobs chasing them. The party enters the gatehouse and instantly combat ensues. The adventurer’s undergo a tough encounter and narrowly defeat some chillborn zombies, a wraith, and a Bleak Necromancer. The party makes its way into Lytelthorpe keep.

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 9

The group finished a quick breather, and continued its mission to evict the unwanted Orcs from the gnome’s manor. The group finds three really thuggish looking Orcs, one obviously in charge and a pet dire wolf. The dire wolf was quickly put down, eventually the orcs were subdued. The fire place contains a lving fire elemental trapped by a sort of force field which contained the creature but not the warmth it generates. The orc leader protested against the Grumbar’s mixed heritage and warned them about the nightmares that dwell below.

The party disregards the warning and encounter two clay scout homunculus, two iron defenders, and two arbalaster constructs. The party mostly annoyed and slowed by the constructs but not really endangered destroy the guardians. The find a small cloister with three levers. The party lowers the first one the area id filled with a sound of low pitched hum followed by quiet. The party lowers the second lever, several simultaneous metallic clicks are heard. The party continues down the hall and investigates. The monk tries to stealth around and comes face to um well side with a gelatinous cube. Nevitash and Vajra insight tells them something is a miss. Nevitash determines its an illusion. He races through the cube apparently unaffected. The monk follows suit, all make through but a few were horrified mentally, by a feeling of acid burning them as they passed through the cube illusion. The party find a smaller door around the corner past the illusion of the gelatinous cube.

The party can hear the sounds of slithering and movement, they can see under the door strobe-lighting emanating from within the chamber beyond this door. The party enters and sees ochre jellies and far-realm monstrosities fidgeting and causing a ruckus within the chamber which obviously serves as some sort of creature kennel for a laboratory. The party destroys the maddening creatures.

The party recovers from their break and searching of the laboratory to find another room with several shelves lining the exterior walls and a couple of rolling ladders to reach the highest shelves. The shelves are filed with all sorts of mechanization, metal gears, bolts, nuts, and screws. This room looks like it has all the makings of a warforge storage room. The next room were found several warforged husks apparently inoperable or never imbued with life.

The final room had sounds of a factory loud roaring noises, The party enters and finds several crazed wrackedfored. Their eyes had a sickly green-purple luminescent glow and immediately assaulted the group. The party took heavy hits the monk fell conscious temporarily as did the psion, the Grumbar bloodied and disheartened sought to maybe retreat from the area. Alas the wrackedforged constructs dealt damage to the party and themselves with their area bursts. The party utilized some impressive combat maneuvering and power usage to defeat the wrackedforged constructs. The weary adventurer’s find some gold coins from the intruders, some armor, a belt, and several ritual books and scrolls. Hopefully one of the scrolls be what they are sought to recover. The party clears the Manor and decides to rest there for the day.

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 8

The party enters into the crossroads trading post operated by a Tiefling named Millen Silvereye. Hr accepts the coin the heros recover from the bone-yard. Millen directs them to a place near Tufu , a Gnome named Filgrim Underhollow who was once an apprentice of the Great Voran Earthmane. A master ritualist, and wizard has somehow has managed to live over to be over 500 years or so. He has a reputation to provide services to any creatures willing to pay the right price.

According to Millen Silvereye, the Gnome wizard has been ousted from one of his dwelling just outside Tufu. Apparently Orcs have taken residence over the last few days and are showing no intent of leaving. Why Filgrim did not seek help from the capable Warforged constables is unknown. Why he told Millen this information to find help is also not quite understood. Regardless, the adventurers asked Millen how to get to this manor, and if there was another route in which they may get there quickly. Millen Silvereye reveals of a Dwarven Ferry man named Glaus. Glaus a thickly muscled Dwarf with moonboat powered by dire sturgeon fish. The route brought the group through a storm and then near the coast a sad scene of a village destroyed possibly by the Tummerok. Not wishing to get involved and stay on track the party continues its journey to Yaraq. In Yaraq the party rents some camels to make way to Tufu about a days travel away.

The party arrives in Tufu. A Warforged constable greets them as they enter. The impressive architecture of minarets, and gnomish device twirling about inspires awe. The town Proper walls are twenty feet tall of solid metal. Another impressive feat considering ore is not plentiful in the desert. Ordered chaos can definitely sum up the feel of the town as gnomish inventions haphazardly assist gnome, warforged, and human residents. After inquring the town constable about Filgrim, an address is acquired,taking the party just outside of Tufu North-Western gate. The party notices the doors to the manor have been broken into and one of the doors is actually leaning against the door frame in a lame attempt to hide the intrusion. Oldris kick down the door to investigate. They are met with fire beetles and Orcs. The party then moves into the banquet room to find more Orcs. The party rests and readys to enter the sleeping chambers…

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 7

Rnagrim’s cousin sent word he needed Rangrim’s support as they are in an entrenched clash with some Drow. Kazak grove was destroyed and he was banished from the druidic order. Wilden seekers have been dispatched to kill Kazak for shirking his duties. Oldris, Navitash, and the Grumbar get word from Geoferry that he may have found another way to stop the corruption of the evil curios prisms.

The party listens to Geoferry; he tells them of an trading outpost between Qalabar and the chaos scar. The trip of roughly 200 miles from Qalabar. Qalabar has an old acquaintance named Jalen a Dwarf sage who can assist the party getting to the “Crossroads”. It is just distant enough from the closest settlements and bastions of order that those of less honorable origin can come to sell their wares and services. And it is likewise just far enough from the Chaos Scar that those seeking such wares and services can come without too much fear of trouble—although this is still a lawless area. It is a rough place, like the Scar beyond it, but this way-point is used by many adventurers (and the bravest of merchants and traders) as a final stopping place before entering the Chaos Scar proper.

The party meets up with Jalen who runs shop that sells magic rituals. Jalen is friendly but fancies himself a shrewd businessman first. Grumbar tempts him with a game of chance to reduce the cost of the Phantom steed ritual scrolls needed to get from Qalabar to the Crossroads. Grumbar utilizes his cheating die and wins the game of chance. Jalen puzzled respects the wager and sells them the ritual scroll and performs the ritual. The Grumbar, Nevitash and Oldris Namere fumble a bit trying to help Jalen perform his ritual but in the end they were furnished with four Phantom steeds.

Travel to the outpost was difficult and resting was difficult until the third day the group happens upon a caravan of Dwarves on their way to the crossroads. Upon arrival the first thing noticed is a twenty foot Gibbet with a few dozen gibbets hanging from them. Ravens flying about peaking at corpses in the gibbets. Three hobgoblins are guarding and poking at with their pole-arms a Human with tattoos on his head sitting inside a gibbet cage. Also a Githzerai sitting in another gibbet cage. Nevitash didn’t appreciate the mistreatment of the two prisoners and tried to discuss a way to get them released. The hobgoblins called the two imprisoned criminals and would not negotiate a release. Finally they decide to release them if the party could beat them in combat. The party defeated the hobgoblins and killed them. Then put the hobgoblin remains into some empty gibbets.

The group made proper acquaintances with a Human Psion namedVajra the Magnificent the Magnificent and a Githzerai Monk named Dak Race. The two decided to repay Navitash, the Grumbar, and Oldris for helping them escape from the hobgoblin guards The group by assisting them with their mission.

A Tiefling named Millen Silvereye has run the outpost for over twenty years. He agrees to help the party if they retrieve the item needed in the nearby bone-yard. The party encounters some undead and after their victory Oldris finds some boots with a silver coin with a Tiefling on one side and an eye on the other. The party takes a quick rest before continuing…

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 6

The party returns to the Unicorn Inn. Grumbar already making time with Sheila as he shows off his polished wood wedge from the dream tree. Navitash tried to speak with Mage-Bob but he was visibly too shaken to be coherent. the next day Mage-Bob was reunited with his master. The party and paid each one 10 gold coins, but also promised to make the group known to all of Arwic as protectors.

Geoferry tower has endure some sort of earthquake. A circle roughly twenty feet in circumference around the towers foundation has been raised by three feet. Geoferry told the group that they must put a stop to the evil of the curios prisms. Geoferry located a shrine of the glass- spire forest. Geoferry gave the curios prism and the ritual to render all the crystal inert to Navitash. The party set out to through the portal back to the the chaos scar. The group find the glass-spire forest, it covers a few sqaure miles but the dangerously sharp and light scattering nature of the alien terrain made for slow going to the shrine. The trip was arduous and wrought with incidents. The party made their way to the shrine wear glass guardian scorpions did their best to stop the party. Inside the temple was a guardian spirit that was quickly brought down but not before Grumabar was dominated and dying. The floors were strewn with sticky, slick, and spike trapped sections. The ritual was performed the party not able to fully complete the ritual were then forcefully ejected from the shrine Grumbar and Navitash were both thrown upon broken shard-spires. The party took there leave from the temple as it seemed to now be more active and powering up for something bad. They made it back to the portal drop activated it and reported their ritual failure to Geoferry, who seemed very disappointed ,but understanding of the difficulty they encountered.

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 5

The party takes on a quest to assist a well known wizard named Casaubon, with a bit more flamboyance than actual talent. Casaubon is well connected in Arwic mostly for being in the right place at the right time if his record was truly examined. The party is offered a small stipend to find his apprentice[[ Mage-Bob Spellpants]]. His apprentice was reported to be kidnapped by ruthless cultists. A divination ritual allowed Casaubon to learn the general location with a portal drop near his apprentice last scryed location. After some careful considerations, the party accepted Casaubon’s quest.

The party was made their way to the chaos scar rim and past the king’s wall. The party successfully found some key markers which lead them to a ruin. the ruin being about 300 feet away through an old grove of deadwood trees. a Dreamtree was among the grove and began its attack. The party succeeded in cutting the tree and Grumbar cut a wedge of it as a trophy. The scout report noted at the ruins several humans around a camp fire and a dwarf as look out on the top of a wall. Unfortunately the fighter fell down during the stealth moment and alerted the dwarf sentry. The gray-skinned guard yells out,”Oh! You’re going to try and sneak up on me! Are ya?” in a pseudo-Scotch-Irish type accent. The humans at the camp fire quickly spring into combat. The combat looked straight forward until two gnome skulks joined the opposition. The party finally emerged victorious. The party discovers an eldritch artifact. The group quickly encounters more hostile creatures that seem both far Realmian and undead. The party has much difficulty but defeats the monstrous horde. The ruins inside take on a more twisted and alien feel; as walls seem to inhale and exhale, disembodied whispers and voices permeate the location. The party must figure out how to open the doorway to the next chamber. Rangrim searching is attacked by a sickly alien purple crackling energy cutting Rangrim off from air. A control panel is discovered, and the works to figure out a way to disable the door protective capabilities whilst trying to assist Rangrim. Kazak also succumbs to the energy and both him and Rangrim are suffering asphyxiation. The lever combination on the control panel is sequenced correctly and door is opened and the energy field releases its death grip on the two party members.

Into the next room are more monsters awaiting to kill the party members. A 15 foot pit hold Mage-Bob prisoner. Mage-Bob is not unattractive, but he is by no means handsome. A tall and lanky man with dark blond hair,curly on top and shorn at the sides, he is often sullen, sometimes terse. The wizard wears long blue robes and usually keeps his face hidden under a voluminous hood. He displays a number of strange physical habits, such as twiddling his fingers and rubbing his face. It is obvious he has experienced traumatic psionic suggestion.

The party survives but a very close call as Navitash almost saw his life flash before him. The party pulls Mage-Bob to safety. They decide to head back to Arwic and get some rest and get Mage-bob a bed and meal before returning him to his master.


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