4e Chaos Scar

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 10

The party recovers several ritual books and a letter that read:

It is time for the master to return. Cold darkness is seeping across the land and it’s filling our bodies with new power. I can feel him waiting and his power is growing even in his imprisonment. He wants to be free. As much as I fear the Virindi, I fear the Hopeslayer more. I shall seek them out and if they do not destroy me on sight, I shall ask for aid in returning Bael’Zharon to Dereth. You will be free soon, First Herald. Then shall the Brotherhood of the Scar shall pay for their treachery. Soon…

The party takes the ritual books and the letter to Geoferry in Arwic. Geoferry is truly disturbed by the letter, and reveals the party must go to Lytelthrope. One of the rituals a very complex spell is now in Geoferry’s possession as he tries to examine its elements. The party was told by Geoferry to destroy the bones of the aspect of Tharizdun. Apparently long ago Tharizdun’s aspect was destroyed and the bones were sealed in a tomb. The land was cursed. Undead rove aimlessly in Lytelthrope. The lands around continously have a eerie mist and gray-scale palate of colors surrounding it. The party heads into Lytelthorpe, as the approach the keep they encounter run-ins with the shambling hordes of undead. They race to the Gatehouse of the keep with undead mobs chasing them. The party enters the gatehouse and instantly combat ensues. The adventurer’s undergo a tough encounter and narrowly defeat some chillborn zombies, a wraith, and a Bleak Necromancer. The party makes its way into Lytelthorpe keep.



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