4e Chaos Scar

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 11

The party finds the Gatehouse courtyard entry is blocked with debris and find a large cellar type stairwell. Upon entry into the lower level the group finds a tombstone construct of the Hopeslayer, a animus of destruction willed by the necrotic energies surrounding Lytelthorpe. The party topples the abomination, the tapestries also cursed make for tight quarters as the horrific images of bloody streaking dragonborn claws by some invisible entity, plays havoc on a few of the heroes psyche. The group moves onto to finding a group of bleak cultist performing a ritual to help return the Hopeslayer. The bones of the aspect of the Hopeslayer were discovered and destroyed by fire. The ashes are now sitting on the stone floor. The ritual is thwarted, and the heroes take a long deserved extended rest before heading out. And facing the undead of Lytelthorpe.



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