4e Chaos Scar

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 12

The longer than normal rest period help to make up for the downright creepy underground tomb the adventurers agreed to relax. After ten somewhat uneasy hours the adventurers felt rested. Grumbar shares his basket of everlasting provisions with his comrades. Now having full stomachs and rested bodies they begin to search for a way out of the gatehouse above them. The large heavy reinforced doors in which they came have mobs of undead still beating and scratching at the doors. Finally after some searching Navitash discovers it maybe possible to excavate through the gate house’s collapsed entry into Lytelthorpe keep’s courtyard. During the excavation Oldris injured his grappling hand and equipped a shield in order to better defend himself and the party. Oldris volunteers to climb through the burrow that they made in the debris. After crawling through the debris the courtyard is to no surprise unkempt and in a state of neglect. Two imposing structures stand side by each in the courtyard surrounded by a large twenty foot smooth wall with catwalks on top and crenelations. The larger building is the famous Lythelthorpe keep, the other a militaristic and sturdy looking temple of Bahamut. The party finds the Temple is closed and locked up. Entering the temple they find it has been defiled in recent times with sacrifices of blood and bodies. The party draws nearer to the sacrificial circle whence the party is met with blurry vermin with sickly green glowing orbs for eyes. As the vermin close an ethereal marauder joins the fray to complicate things further. Combats ensues with our beloved adventurers victorious. They uncover inside one of the storage rooms a rotting undead dragonborn claw it quickly scurries over to a few javelins laying on the floor among other clutter attacks Oldris as he bashes the door open. The clawed hand casts a spell attempting to blind everyone with ravens. Most take ongoing damage. Vajra managed to stay out of it’s ranged burst attack. Dak went temporarily blinded. Grumbar picked up a large barrel and tried to crush the dragonborn claw, to no avail. Finally the little nuisance was rent through.

Afterward the temple now being cleansed of creatures, the group decided to clean up the temple and try to rededicate it to a pantheon of good. Both Grumbar and Oldris slipped whilst scrubbing the floors and walls, leaving it up to Dak to finish. Meanwhile Navitash prepared holy water to cleanse the temple of its defilement. Overall they were successful in removing the defilement. An ere of hope blew into the temple of which had not probably been felt in years maybe decades. The group found several ritual books along with a few other items that may help them in their path to glory and riches.



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