4e Chaos Scar

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 13

The party takes a day to rest in an inn outside Rithwic. While enjoying breakfast, a halfling wearing rent clothing, bruised and bloodied stumbles into the inn taproom crying for help as he passes out. Navitash, brings the poor farmer around with a quick healing prayer. The halfling cries that his family was attacked on their farm by gnolls. He managed to escape his bonds, and ran as fast as he could to get help. He pleas for their help, as he is sure the gnolls will be gone if he wastes any time going to Rithwic proper to alert the authorities.

The party seems interested in assisting the halfling, he tells them how to get there just a thirty minute horse ride down the main trade route. The party makes haste to find the farmstead, and encounters the gnolls still vandalizing the farmstead and feasting on some of the dead. Debris litters the area, from the structures brought down to mere rubble. A lone farm house still stands erect while the ferocious beastmen are vandalizing the structure.

Combat ensues as diplomatic option s seem clearly impossible. The gnolls are put down without much trouble. Vajra finds a survivor and Navitash revives them, the survivor gives Vajra a magic heirloom fan hoping to entice the group to pursue the gnolls and rescue his family taken captive.

The party tracks the gnolls which have taken seventeen halfling slaves, marching them in a chain-gang fashion. The large imposing cacklefiend hyena, claw fighters and beastcaller lay waste to the group of adventurer’s, and one by one fall unconscious, or dead. Navitash’s ongoing damage slays him. Grumbar is taken prisoner, probably to be boiled in barbecue sauce and eaten.


Grumbar will have his revenge…but first he and the other prisoners must figure out a way to escape.

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 13

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