4e Chaos Scar

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 3

The party having exhausted most of their efforts in defeating the drakes and ants decide to take a quick rest before heading out of the cavern. On their way out of the cavern another wall bursts with giant ants. Closer toward the entrance of the cavern the group can hear dwarven war cries. In the aftermath the party meets Rangrim Spirebeard is an avenger of Moradin his devout nature to destroy all things evil, his typical dwarven chrisma, and having a mutual friend the Arwic wizard named Geoferry. The party invites Rangrim to rest the evening with the party. The cave made for a very restless period of relaxation, even the consumed field rations did not comfort a hungry soul.

The next morning, while still in the Chaos Scar Vale; the party decides to try to find the trail of some notorious halflings. They spent the morning hours looking for The Brothers Gray Gang; this outfit is notorious for its bloodthirsty and merciless raids on isolated farmsteads and small groups of travelers. They’re number anywhere from a half dozen to ten or more, and it’s said they use an old mine works as their base of operations. The Brothers Gray gang is named for its leaders, halfling brothers named Graybairn, orphaned from a troll raid on a distant village years ago. They’re said to be completely insane overcome with blood-lust for their lost family and friends. Given the conditions of the party after a mostly restless evening the lack of information on their actual operations, the group decides to return to Geoferry. The think maybe locating the portal near Glenden Wood that a kobold told them they could use to get near the Brothers Gray hideout might prove to be more successful.

Nevitash uses the ritual scroll to contact Geoferry The party arrives at Geoferry keep. He is very excited that party was both successful in finding his friend Rangrim Spirebeard and the party recovered some of the residium from the drake corpses. The party also shows Geoferry the fragment of the chaos meteorite. Geoferry quickly announces the true nature of the meteorite shard by declaring the fragment “Evilllll!” He talks about this meteorite has a connection with the far realm. He also informs the party that the prism curios the group left for him to study are being manufactured using meteorite shards and in their manufacture an entity of the far realm is somehow connected and to activate the object is to break it which somehow summons a horror from that realm. “Ingenuous really.” Geoferry scoffs, as he suggests using a purification ritual to destroy the meteorite pieces and their associated curios objects. He asks to have some more time to study the meteorite and the trinket.

Grumbar needing a drink and some proper rest ushers the group to head into town. Their they find a common inn called the Lord’s Unicorn . The owner is a very tired venerable Eldarin named Marcela He greets the party into his establishment and gets their drink order. The tavern-maid Shiela delivers the fours rounds of Stouts to Grumbar and Rangrim Spirebeard They both drink and eventually the stouts take their toll. A large not so bright looking man, who turns out to be a drinking buddy; Tiny from Cragstone arm-wrestles Grumbar for the the next round of stouts. Grumbar definitively drinks Tiny under the table. Nevitash is proselyting the Sun God Pelor outside the inn, and gathering for himself a small group of elven and eladrin on-lookers. The rest of the group seeks out lodging at the inn, whilst Grumbar and Sheila relaxed, cough in her room.

The next morning the party is rearing to get moving onto adventure. They decide to take the the day fare (5 gp) portal route from Arwic to Glenden Wood. The party asks some local Glenden Wood elves in town and they direct them to a chaos scar portal near the Feywild world fall. The party verifies the portal and enter with a quick twist of the world as if the world was suddenly compressed, the party emerges in the Chaos Scar Vale but in a different area than their previous foray near the Kings wall.

The arrival into Chaos Scar Vale; they note the broken wall surrounding the rim made of imported stones. Rumor has it the Virindi built the retaining wall called the kings wall. A rift in the wall makes a natural passageway for the explorers. They quickly note some kobold-sized and larger (possibly Dragonborn) reptilian tracks are discovered. As before, very little life springs forth inside the Chaos scar besides some scrub grasses, thorn bushes, and weeds. Further in the scar can be found large copses of “Joshua” trees. Most wildlife here are well suited to the harsh habitat, such as vermin, and insects, and strange reptiles scurry about looking for a meal to scavenge. The vale seems covered in a multitude of natural and artificial burrows and caverns along the various tiers of the valley walls. The kobold tracks terminate into the mouth of a cavern where the sounds of metal hitting rock can be clearly interpreted as mining.

The party being very mindful of kobold traps manages to sneak unnoticed by the kobolds and attacks them. The party has trouble stopping the barrage of various ammunition slung at them while two well equipped kobold “dragonshields” press the party. During the battle a brown dragon wyrmling is aroused and quickly goes on the offensive with claw attacks on Rangrim Spirebeard Then it polymorphs into a vortex of sand blasting all its enemies as it passes through them. The wrymling declares itself as Kethendtir “destroyer of worlds” and the preaches about the audacity of interlopers to disturb his lair. The party narrowly defeats the kobolds and the wyrmling. They quickly retreat back to the portal drop to recover from their wounds. The party makes camp and readies for their next day.



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