4e Chaos Scar

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 4

The party recuperated, and the next day came across a Druid elf named Kazak Nailo grumbling about the Canadian bacon that turned out to be ham instead of fancy bacon. The party inquired his purpose out here, and Kazak stated he was a world-class traveler and his journey had lead him to this place. The party accompanied by their new primal companion, and headed back to finish the off the troupe of kobolds in a cavern nearby. Upon entering the kobold lair, the adventurers did a search of the chamber. They discovered the bottom of the sink hole was connected to a network of small tunnels. Probably a means for the kobolds to escape or get to other portions of the their domain. After the druid Kazak was hoisted back up from inspecting the sink hole, Oldris Namere thought it wise to seal off this passage as to avoid being flanked later on. Oldris and Grumbar began to move stones to block the passage. Kazak used insight to find a better method to accomplish this goal. Kazak noticed the mining picks might be used to collapse some of the nearby wall and fill in the sink hole passage. Grumbar struck the wall with all his might, some bad-luck befell him as the pick ricocheted off the wall and lodged into his eye. Grumbar screams in pain as blood gushes out of his head. Grumbar removes the pick and loses consciousness momentarily as Oldris and Nevitash stabilize Grumbar. Oldris attempts to motivate Grumbar into continuing to blockade the sink hole, and using the pick and help finish the job, Grumbar is unmoved by the attempt. Navitash using silvery-tongued words gets Grumbar to assist once more. Through some prayers and feats of engineering they create a sound closure equipped with buzz-saws. Navitash and Rangrim gather the mining instruments left behind by the deceased kobolds. The party continues onward to find the cave has broken through into an old dwarven-made citadel. The party finds what looks like an old library in disarray. Kobolds and a dragonborn occupy this room waiting to attack the intruders. The party is victorious as Oldris shuts down the Dragonborn mobility. The druid whips the slinger kobolds pulling them into the great crevasse in the middle of the room. The ranger Grumbar decisively slashes through one combatant after another. Afterward, Grumbar picks up three books from the piles of codex, books, scrolls, and parchments he thinks might be valuable if restored. The dragonborn prisoner is questioned and reveals the way to the Brothers Gray via portal sigil pattern used in the room below. The party agrees to release the dragonborn if he tells them all he knows. The party approaches the desk with the ritual scroll and portal sequence, however with a discerning eye notice the desk is trapped with a password. The password is quickly considered and used to power down the trap. The ritual scroll with the portal sequence of sigils inscribed is found along with some curios chalk. The chalk is clearly not ordinary yet after a few party members attempts to discover its purpose is met with disappointment. The party lowers down a rickety kobold ladder to the teleporation circle and they activate it. Oldris readys his gear and enters the portal the rest of the party arrives soon after. They are met by several more kobolds and another dragonborn wearing drake scale hide armor. Navitash quickly begins to parley with the dragonborn, assuring they are aligned with the dragonborn and kobolds to stop the threat of the halfling gang Brothers Gray. The dragonborn allows them to pass the party is let though a large doorway into an eight foot by eight foot passage. The passage is wrought with several crafty kobold traps. Kazak is hit by spikes, Rangrim is smacked by the kissing maiden trap. Only for the group to be faced by a 20 foot pitfall trap. Oldris decides to triggers the pitfall trap. He reveals canvas tarp covered with dirt, it free falls into the abyss of darkness, well a past the light of Oldris’ equipped sunrod. Kazzak and Navitash are certain that something is just not right. Navitash ties him self to the kissing maiden trap with Grumbars rope and tries to walk across the pit. The traps illusion was too great and Navitash kicks and screams in terror as he believes he is free falling into the pit to his death. Grumbar pulls on the rope and Navitash is saved. Kazak runs across un-phased. Grumbar knowing the trap is an illusion also tries to run across but again the traps illusion is too great for Grumbar to over come and he falls down to the ground screaming in terror as he is pulled back by Navitash. Finally Navitash and Grumbar hold hands to give each other internal strength, and both successfully make it across the pit-illusion holding hands. The fighter Oldris, and the avenger of Moradin, Rangrim Spirebeard both make it past the illusion. The party arrives at the mining mill-house of the Brothers Gray. They overcome their first combat encounter with the gang, all calling each other Boss. The party enters into mill and easily takes on two of the Brothers Gray, Finneus and Lambert Graybairn.



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