4e Chaos Scar

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 5

The party takes on a quest to assist a well known wizard named Casaubon, with a bit more flamboyance than actual talent. Casaubon is well connected in Arwic mostly for being in the right place at the right time if his record was truly examined. The party is offered a small stipend to find his apprentice[[ Mage-Bob Spellpants]]. His apprentice was reported to be kidnapped by ruthless cultists. A divination ritual allowed Casaubon to learn the general location with a portal drop near his apprentice last scryed location. After some careful considerations, the party accepted Casaubon’s quest.

The party was made their way to the chaos scar rim and past the king’s wall. The party successfully found some key markers which lead them to a ruin. the ruin being about 300 feet away through an old grove of deadwood trees. a Dreamtree was among the grove and began its attack. The party succeeded in cutting the tree and Grumbar cut a wedge of it as a trophy. The scout report noted at the ruins several humans around a camp fire and a dwarf as look out on the top of a wall. Unfortunately the fighter fell down during the stealth moment and alerted the dwarf sentry. The gray-skinned guard yells out,”Oh! You’re going to try and sneak up on me! Are ya?” in a pseudo-Scotch-Irish type accent. The humans at the camp fire quickly spring into combat. The combat looked straight forward until two gnome skulks joined the opposition. The party finally emerged victorious. The party discovers an eldritch artifact. The group quickly encounters more hostile creatures that seem both far Realmian and undead. The party has much difficulty but defeats the monstrous horde. The ruins inside take on a more twisted and alien feel; as walls seem to inhale and exhale, disembodied whispers and voices permeate the location. The party must figure out how to open the doorway to the next chamber. Rangrim searching is attacked by a sickly alien purple crackling energy cutting Rangrim off from air. A control panel is discovered, and the works to figure out a way to disable the door protective capabilities whilst trying to assist Rangrim. Kazak also succumbs to the energy and both him and Rangrim are suffering asphyxiation. The lever combination on the control panel is sequenced correctly and door is opened and the energy field releases its death grip on the two party members.

Into the next room are more monsters awaiting to kill the party members. A 15 foot pit hold Mage-Bob prisoner. Mage-Bob is not unattractive, but he is by no means handsome. A tall and lanky man with dark blond hair,curly on top and shorn at the sides, he is often sullen, sometimes terse. The wizard wears long blue robes and usually keeps his face hidden under a voluminous hood. He displays a number of strange physical habits, such as twiddling his fingers and rubbing his face. It is obvious he has experienced traumatic psionic suggestion.

The party survives but a very close call as Navitash almost saw his life flash before him. The party pulls Mage-Bob to safety. They decide to head back to Arwic and get some rest and get Mage-bob a bed and meal before returning him to his master.



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