4e Chaos Scar

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 6

The party returns to the Unicorn Inn. Grumbar already making time with Sheila as he shows off his polished wood wedge from the dream tree. Navitash tried to speak with Mage-Bob but he was visibly too shaken to be coherent. the next day Mage-Bob was reunited with his master. The party and paid each one 10 gold coins, but also promised to make the group known to all of Arwic as protectors.

Geoferry tower has endure some sort of earthquake. A circle roughly twenty feet in circumference around the towers foundation has been raised by three feet. Geoferry told the group that they must put a stop to the evil of the curios prisms. Geoferry located a shrine of the glass- spire forest. Geoferry gave the curios prism and the ritual to render all the crystal inert to Navitash. The party set out to through the portal back to the the chaos scar. The group find the glass-spire forest, it covers a few sqaure miles but the dangerously sharp and light scattering nature of the alien terrain made for slow going to the shrine. The trip was arduous and wrought with incidents. The party made their way to the shrine wear glass guardian scorpions did their best to stop the party. Inside the temple was a guardian spirit that was quickly brought down but not before Grumabar was dominated and dying. The floors were strewn with sticky, slick, and spike trapped sections. The ritual was performed the party not able to fully complete the ritual were then forcefully ejected from the shrine Grumbar and Navitash were both thrown upon broken shard-spires. The party took there leave from the temple as it seemed to now be more active and powering up for something bad. They made it back to the portal drop activated it and reported their ritual failure to Geoferry, who seemed very disappointed ,but understanding of the difficulty they encountered.



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