4e Chaos Scar

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 7

Rnagrim’s cousin sent word he needed Rangrim’s support as they are in an entrenched clash with some Drow. Kazak grove was destroyed and he was banished from the druidic order. Wilden seekers have been dispatched to kill Kazak for shirking his duties. Oldris, Navitash, and the Grumbar get word from Geoferry that he may have found another way to stop the corruption of the evil curios prisms.

The party listens to Geoferry; he tells them of an trading outpost between Qalabar and the chaos scar. The trip of roughly 200 miles from Qalabar. Qalabar has an old acquaintance named Jalen a Dwarf sage who can assist the party getting to the “Crossroads”. It is just distant enough from the closest settlements and bastions of order that those of less honorable origin can come to sell their wares and services. And it is likewise just far enough from the Chaos Scar that those seeking such wares and services can come without too much fear of trouble—although this is still a lawless area. It is a rough place, like the Scar beyond it, but this way-point is used by many adventurers (and the bravest of merchants and traders) as a final stopping place before entering the Chaos Scar proper.

The party meets up with Jalen who runs shop that sells magic rituals. Jalen is friendly but fancies himself a shrewd businessman first. Grumbar tempts him with a game of chance to reduce the cost of the Phantom steed ritual scrolls needed to get from Qalabar to the Crossroads. Grumbar utilizes his cheating die and wins the game of chance. Jalen puzzled respects the wager and sells them the ritual scroll and performs the ritual. The Grumbar, Nevitash and Oldris Namere fumble a bit trying to help Jalen perform his ritual but in the end they were furnished with four Phantom steeds.

Travel to the outpost was difficult and resting was difficult until the third day the group happens upon a caravan of Dwarves on their way to the crossroads. Upon arrival the first thing noticed is a twenty foot Gibbet with a few dozen gibbets hanging from them. Ravens flying about peaking at corpses in the gibbets. Three hobgoblins are guarding and poking at with their pole-arms a Human with tattoos on his head sitting inside a gibbet cage. Also a Githzerai sitting in another gibbet cage. Nevitash didn’t appreciate the mistreatment of the two prisoners and tried to discuss a way to get them released. The hobgoblins called the two imprisoned criminals and would not negotiate a release. Finally they decide to release them if the party could beat them in combat. The party defeated the hobgoblins and killed them. Then put the hobgoblin remains into some empty gibbets.

The group made proper acquaintances with a Human Psion namedVajra the Magnificent the Magnificent and a Githzerai Monk named Dak Race. The two decided to repay Navitash, the Grumbar, and Oldris for helping them escape from the hobgoblin guards The group by assisting them with their mission.

A Tiefling named Millen Silvereye has run the outpost for over twenty years. He agrees to help the party if they retrieve the item needed in the nearby bone-yard. The party encounters some undead and after their victory Oldris finds some boots with a silver coin with a Tiefling on one side and an eye on the other. The party takes a quick rest before continuing…



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