4e Chaos Scar

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 8

The party enters into the crossroads trading post operated by a Tiefling named Millen Silvereye. Hr accepts the coin the heros recover from the bone-yard. Millen directs them to a place near Tufu , a Gnome named Filgrim Underhollow who was once an apprentice of the Great Voran Earthmane. A master ritualist, and wizard has somehow has managed to live over to be over 500 years or so. He has a reputation to provide services to any creatures willing to pay the right price.

According to Millen Silvereye, the Gnome wizard has been ousted from one of his dwelling just outside Tufu. Apparently Orcs have taken residence over the last few days and are showing no intent of leaving. Why Filgrim did not seek help from the capable Warforged constables is unknown. Why he told Millen this information to find help is also not quite understood. Regardless, the adventurers asked Millen how to get to this manor, and if there was another route in which they may get there quickly. Millen Silvereye reveals of a Dwarven Ferry man named Glaus. Glaus a thickly muscled Dwarf with moonboat powered by dire sturgeon fish. The route brought the group through a storm and then near the coast a sad scene of a village destroyed possibly by the Tummerok. Not wishing to get involved and stay on track the party continues its journey to Yaraq. In Yaraq the party rents some camels to make way to Tufu about a days travel away.

The party arrives in Tufu. A Warforged constable greets them as they enter. The impressive architecture of minarets, and gnomish device twirling about inspires awe. The town Proper walls are twenty feet tall of solid metal. Another impressive feat considering ore is not plentiful in the desert. Ordered chaos can definitely sum up the feel of the town as gnomish inventions haphazardly assist gnome, warforged, and human residents. After inquring the town constable about Filgrim, an address is acquired,taking the party just outside of Tufu North-Western gate. The party notices the doors to the manor have been broken into and one of the doors is actually leaning against the door frame in a lame attempt to hide the intrusion. Oldris kick down the door to investigate. They are met with fire beetles and Orcs. The party then moves into the banquet room to find more Orcs. The party rests and readys to enter the sleeping chambers…



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