4e Chaos Scar

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 9

The group finished a quick breather, and continued its mission to evict the unwanted Orcs from the gnome’s manor. The group finds three really thuggish looking Orcs, one obviously in charge and a pet dire wolf. The dire wolf was quickly put down, eventually the orcs were subdued. The fire place contains a lving fire elemental trapped by a sort of force field which contained the creature but not the warmth it generates. The orc leader protested against the Grumbar’s mixed heritage and warned them about the nightmares that dwell below.

The party disregards the warning and encounter two clay scout homunculus, two iron defenders, and two arbalaster constructs. The party mostly annoyed and slowed by the constructs but not really endangered destroy the guardians. The find a small cloister with three levers. The party lowers the first one the area id filled with a sound of low pitched hum followed by quiet. The party lowers the second lever, several simultaneous metallic clicks are heard. The party continues down the hall and investigates. The monk tries to stealth around and comes face to um well side with a gelatinous cube. Nevitash and Vajra insight tells them something is a miss. Nevitash determines its an illusion. He races through the cube apparently unaffected. The monk follows suit, all make through but a few were horrified mentally, by a feeling of acid burning them as they passed through the cube illusion. The party find a smaller door around the corner past the illusion of the gelatinous cube.

The party can hear the sounds of slithering and movement, they can see under the door strobe-lighting emanating from within the chamber beyond this door. The party enters and sees ochre jellies and far-realm monstrosities fidgeting and causing a ruckus within the chamber which obviously serves as some sort of creature kennel for a laboratory. The party destroys the maddening creatures.

The party recovers from their break and searching of the laboratory to find another room with several shelves lining the exterior walls and a couple of rolling ladders to reach the highest shelves. The shelves are filed with all sorts of mechanization, metal gears, bolts, nuts, and screws. This room looks like it has all the makings of a warforge storage room. The next room were found several warforged husks apparently inoperable or never imbued with life.

The final room had sounds of a factory loud roaring noises, The party enters and finds several crazed wrackedfored. Their eyes had a sickly green-purple luminescent glow and immediately assaulted the group. The party took heavy hits the monk fell conscious temporarily as did the psion, the Grumbar bloodied and disheartened sought to maybe retreat from the area. Alas the wrackedforged constructs dealt damage to the party and themselves with their area bursts. The party utilized some impressive combat maneuvering and power usage to defeat the wrackedforged constructs. The weary adventurer’s find some gold coins from the intruders, some armor, a belt, and several ritual books and scrolls. Hopefully one of the scrolls be what they are sought to recover. The party clears the Manor and decides to rest there for the day.



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