• Grumbar


    Half-Orc Ranger
  • Henge


    Warforged rune priest "resurrected" by Vega.
  • Vega


    Deva swordmage.
  • "Darkheel"


    Alberic "Darkheel" Qaadir - Human Rogue|Warlock Sniper
  • Caewin


    Female Elf, Seeker
  • Dak Race

    Dak Race

    Dead; Sacrificed by gnoll mauraders in the wilderness outside of Rithwic.
  • Dayereth


    Drowscarred Eladrin swordmage
  • Elysa Swiftarrow

    Elysa Swiftarrow

    Lover of Thorsten Cragstone and a leader of the rebellion against the Olthoi.
  • Geoferry


    An Aluvian venerable bald male. His bushy white eyebrows and conspicious white tufts of hair comming out of his ears. Gives him a misleading appearence of being senile.
  • House of Kasty

    House of Kasty

    The House of Kasty is a halfling family of merchants in Cragstone.
  • Lord Pwyll the III

    Lord Pwyll the III

    One of Pwyll III’s greatest achievements was introducing the notion of nobility to the ruling class. In his time and since, the Code of Pwyll has dictated the conduct of both lords and knights: the common folk of Aluvia have come to expect no less.
  • Marcela


    An ancient eladrin, that runs a modest but clean inn and taphouse.
  • Millen Silvereye

    Millen Silvereye

    A tiefling male who has a silver eye ball said to be able to appraise valuables by seeing the future.
  • Nadarr Baldric

    Nadarr Baldric

    A brown scaled Dragonborn barbarian who wears several teeth, claws, feathers, and other primal fetishes as either decoration or religious significances.
  • Nevitash


    Shielding Cleric. Dead; killed by gnoll mauraders in the wilderness outside of Rithwic.
  • Numidria


    High Elder of Al-Arqas.
  • Oldris Namere

    Oldris Namere

    Human Brawler Fighter. Presumed alive; taken into slavery by gnoll mauraders in the wilderness outside of Rithwic.
  • Thorsten Cragstone

    Thorsten Cragstone

    The Olthoi revolt began by a band of escaped slaves lead by the warrior Thorsten Cragstone.
  • Tiny


    A good natured, but not so bright looking, 295 lbs human vaguely resembling a shaved gorilla.
  • Vajra the Magnificent

    Vajra the Magnificent

    Dead; Sacrificed to Yeenoghu by gnoll mauraders in the wilderness outside of Rithwic.
  • Voran Earthmane

    Voran Earthmane

    Reknown from the days before the chaos scar. Noted by many as the most powerful socerer and arcane scholar in recent generations, He is believed to have died as his main laboratory was destroyed by the meteorite impact known as the chaos scar.