Elysa Swiftarrow

Lover of Thorsten Cragstone and a leader of the rebellion against the Olthoi.


Elf Archer Ranger

Medium fey humanoid [XP 4150]

Initiative +18; Senses Perception +21; low-light HP 198; Bloodied 99 Healing Surges (+49 hp) ○○○ AC 39; Fortitude 35, Reflex 37, Will 32 Speed 7

● [m] Longsword (standard) ✦ Weapon +27 vs. AC; 2d8 + 13 damage. ● [m] Off-hand Short Sword (standard) ✦ Weapon +27 vs. AC; 2d6 + 13 damage. ●® Longbow (standard) ✦ Weapon Ranged 20/40; +28 vs. AC; 2d10 + 15 damage. ● [M/R] Twin Strike (standard) ✦ Weapon Two attacks on one or two creatures. Longsword/Short Sword: +27/+27 vs. AC; 2d8 + 8 damage (main)/2d6 + 8 damage (off-hand). Longbow: Ranged 20/40; +28 vs. AC (twice); 2d10 + 8 damage. ○® Triple Shot (standard) ✦ Weapon Ranged 20/40; three attacks against one, two, or three creatures; +28 vs. AC; 1d10 + 15 damage per attack. □® Two-in-One Shot (standard) ✦ Weapon Ranged 20/40; two attacks against one creature; +28 vs. AC; 2d10 + 15 damage per attack. If the first attack hits, the elf ranger gains a +5 bonus to the attack roll for the second attack. If the first attack misses, make the second attack normally. Miss: Half damage per attack. □ Forest Ghost (standard) ✦ Illusion When it is not the elf ranger’s turn, enemies treat the elf ranger as invisible if the elf ranger has cover or concealment from them. An enemy still knows the square occupied by the elf ranger if it saw the elf ranger in that square at any point during a round. This effect lasts until the end of the encounter or for 5 minutes. ● Hunter’s Quarry (minor) The elf ranger can designate the nearest visible enemy as the elf ranger’s quarry. Once per round when hitting this quarry, the elf ranger can deal an extra 3d6 damage. This effect remains active until the end of the encounter or until the elf ranger designates a different target as the quarry. The elf ranger can only designate one enemy as quarry at a time. ○ Elven Accuracy (free) The elf ranger can reroll an attack roll. Use the second roll, even if it’s lower. Wild Step The elf ranger ignores difficult terrain when shifting. Archer Fighting Style The elf ranger gains Defensive Mobility as a bonus feat. Defensive Mobility [Feat] The elf ranger gains a +2 bonus to AC against opportunity attacks.

Skills Nature +21, Stealth +22 Str 20 (+16); Dex 24 (+18); Wis 17 (+14); Con 14 (+13); Int 12 (+12); Cha 13 (+12) Equipment hide armor, longsword, short sword, longbow


Status: Living

Thorsten Cragstone and Elysa Swiftheart lead the revolt after their escape from the Olthoi. Thorsten died during the assault on the hive of The One Queen. The Queen stabbed him through the chest, and Elysa retaliated with a single shot from her bow. The arrow, which was coated in a special oil, pierced the Queen’s eye and killed her.

Elysa Swiftarrow

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