4e Chaos Scar

Chaos Scar Adventure Log!
Chaos Scar log

Time: Morningthaw

In the marketplace of Cragstone, the Aluvian capital. Grumbar a solidly built Half-Orc, wearing the former hide of his quarries as protection; keeps his hands close to his side near his trusty axes, as he fixes his gaze on the happenings of a cleric of the Sun Pelor preaching loudly to any who will hear his call. This priest calls himself Nevitash. His eye features are unusual for most kinds of humans, and Nevitash seems to use this feature to his advantage when getting or keeping peoples attention. Another individual named Oldris Namere, with obvious appearances of martial training looks upon with interest as the cleric performs small miracles in the name of Pelor.

Another gentleman asks the cleric if he can look at an item he recently purchased from a Dragonborn barbarian adventurer named Nadarr Baldric On inspection this curio was noticed as evil and tainted with perversion. Nevitash advises the owner to get rid of the item, the man being out three gold crowns was a bit distraught when hearing the bad tidings of a trade gone poorly. Nevitash showed mercy and purchased the dark item while inquiring more about its former owner (an adventurer named Baldric). The man realized quickly this had all the makings of something bigger and suggested the cleric, the ranger, and the fighter form a squad and make sure that the other curio Baldric has gets destroyed as well.

Navitash, Grumbar, and Oldris share introductions, and then press on to find this Dragonborn adventurer named Baldric. Asking around the group picks up Baldric’s trail to a provisoners called Kasty’s. The group enters the building to find that several Halflings are bound and gagged on the floor. The cleric telepathically asks, “What’s going on? Are the bandit(s) still inside?” The Halflings are unsure. they did indicatre their assailants as five humans in yellow robes and brown rimmed hats. Grumbar with back up from Oldris tried to stealthily clear the general store.

The bandits must have made a get away but no before they stole a horse and wagon and along with many of the stores victuals. The group tried to track the wagon, but the drought made it difficult to track the wagon ruts. The group used some intuition and checked the north gate; after all Kasty’s isn’t very far that location. The group arrived to the gate and got a positive identification from the gate guard. The guard said he just seen the people in yellow robes and brown hats passed by on the horse and wagon. Not wanting to be out ran by the horse and wagon. The group quickly went to procure horses but being light on funds, asked the Kasty’s if they could assist. Assistance they did receive and each were loaned a riding horse for the pursuit.

The party caught up to the brigands and a Dragonborn in hide armor wearing all sorts of teeth, feathers, claws, and other fetishes engaged in combat with two of the yellow robed brigands. The other three bandits were occupied trying to save their horse and wagon which had partially fallen into a sink hole. As the party drew nearer the wild-eyed leader of the yellow robed cult hollers “Behold, I have prophesied this! It’s a trap! Kill them all!” With that the party engaged in combat. The wild-eyed cult leader could raise his companions from the death. The seemingly harmless sink hole turned out to be an ant tunnel. The giant ants were trying to pull the horse into their domain. After some tough blows from the squad; the cultists were stopped the ants were laid to waste and the evil charm worn by the crazed cult leader broke against the wagon and unleashed a vile creature from the far realm called a taint-lasher. This aberration, a truly horrific sight, pulsed and phased in and out of reality. Those with weak will could feel their hold on sanity tear away from them. The taint creature was destroyed.

The party shackled the crazed cult leader and questioned him about these creature and the meaning of these sickly purple glowing cubes. The plot thickens as these cubes are used as transportation vessels into the world. Those with weak wills will fall under the taints influence and go to chaos scar to deliver more of these caustic curios to inconspicuous places around Dereth. The horse and cart were returned with gratitude and reward for the party. The madman was turned over to Cragstone law enforcement. The party was interested in an audience with the lord Mayor. An audience was granted and the party went to relax and recuperate from an exhilarating day at the King and Troll. The group was sent a message to meet the lord Mayor early that morning. A stately looking Eldarin wearing finely made clothing, directly asks why they take his time? Navitash tells of the danger of the taints and what they discovered about these prism like curios. The Lord Mayor asks them to go to Arwic and talk to a Sage named Geoferry . He maybe able to assist them in their quest. The lord Mayor thanked them for their service to Cragstone and the Aluvian people.

The party request horses from the Kasty’s who are happy to oblige. And on the way to Arwic destroy encounter a living plant type creature which is slowly creeping toward them. The plant is destroyed and from inside the plant a Kobold which was discovered still alive wanted the party to help him stop some Halfling bandits called the Brothers Gray. The declined his plea and discovered in a near by cavern two more of the far-realm monstrosity filled curios. The party destroyed the prisms and their occupants. The party continues their ride to Arwic.

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 2
Session #2: Journey to Arwic and beyond

The party on its journey from Cragstone to Arwic to meet a wizard named Geoferry the skilled. The group encounters an eladrin sword mage fighting a rabble of kobolds. The party quickly rushes in to assist the eladrin. The kobolds ambush area was set with deadly traps which Nadarr stepped into the blow from the well concealed kissing maiden proved fatal as he was impaled by the blades of the trap. The party although shocked, focused their attention on the kobolds. The kobolds were defeated and the one did manage to escape. The eladrin named Dayereth thanked his new found companions and explained we was traveling in the same direction to Arwic when he was attacked by the kobolds. The party noticing was desperate for better armor; Nevitash used the dead kobolds hide armor to fashion some leather armor for the eladrin, although the armor wasn’t pretty in sight or smell it was functional. Nadarr Baldric was buried roadside in the tradition of Pelor’s funerary rights lead by Nevitash.

The group arrives after a few days journey to Arwic. the town of Arwic is bustling with arcane curiosities, useful and also frivolous magic practices and presentations. After some walking around the party stumbles upon “the Bloody Wench” tavern. Grumbar asked where he may find a wizard named Geoferry? The old wizard apparently is well known by most Arwicians, the barkeep happily gave instructions to Geofferry’s abode. Grumbar thanked, the barkeep and tipped the man 1 gp which also included the cost of the ale.

Less than a mile outside of town proper the wizard’s place was came upon. A strange tower that has an impossible curve to it. The party checks the area for traps, none were noticed. The party advances to the door, and knock. A magic mouth asking who they are and why they are here presents itself. Nevitash and Grumbar mention their quest and the name of the lord mayor of Cragstone. They are welcomed inside. The party begins to explain about the evil pendant curios that are discovered and wish him to do some research upon it, Geoferry agrees if they in turn find a friend that was attacked by some drakes in the chaos scar vale rim. The party happily agrees when they learn about the residium filled boils that form on the drake corpses. Geoferry asks to find his friend who hasn’t came back this time and if they find any drakes be sure to bring back the residium. The venerable wizard cast a linked portal spell to the hunting area and hands the party a ritual scroll of elemental wind messenger. This scroll allows them to ask Geoferry to link the portal to return the party.

The party arrives at the Chaos Scar Vale rim and notice a broken wall surrounding the rim made of imported stone. Rumor has it the Virindi built the retaining wall called the kings wall. Inside the one of the fallen parts of the wall some drake tracks are discovered, later more tracks and human tracks too. Very little life springs forth inside the Chaos scar some scrub grasses, thorn bushes, and weeds. Further in the scar can be found large copses of Joshua trees are noticed. Most wildlife here are more suited to the harsh habitat, such as vermin, and insects, and strange reptiles scurry about looking for a meal to scavenge. The vale seems covered in a multitude of natural and artificial burrows and caverns along the various tiers of the valley walls. Finally the trails ends at the entrance to a dark cavern. Oldris Namere ignites his sun-rod, the walls fungi and mosses sparkle back with a purple-red bio-luminescence. The party hears the sounds of what is recognized as drakes inside. The party tries to sneak inside and are attacked by two visous grade drakes with eyes glowing purple-red. The guard drakes are dispersed and the the party advances to take on a rage drake, guard drake and two spitting drakes. The party hears a loud explosion at the entrance of the cavern. As the last drake is slain; giant ants and a strige enter to try and take the residium boils from the drakes corpse, the party being in the way are attacked on sight. The party takes heavy damage from the tactics of the ants. Nevitash supplements for help from Pelor as a resist all damage prayer then falls upon the party. The swordmage Dayereth drinks a mixed potion to heal which has some beneficial side effects. The party defeats the onslaught of giant ants, and recovers 8(9) residium boils each worth 50 gp each, and Grumbar finds within the backpack of a corpse on the cavern floor some quick hit bracers. They also find a shard of material much like the curios pendants that they found only this stuff has not been fashioned into the prisms. The party having exhausted most of their efforts in defeating the drakes and ants decide to take a quick rest before heading out of the cavern.

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 3

The party having exhausted most of their efforts in defeating the drakes and ants decide to take a quick rest before heading out of the cavern. On their way out of the cavern another wall bursts with giant ants. Closer toward the entrance of the cavern the group can hear dwarven war cries. In the aftermath the party meets Rangrim Spirebeard is an avenger of Moradin his devout nature to destroy all things evil, his typical dwarven chrisma, and having a mutual friend the Arwic wizard named Geoferry. The party invites Rangrim to rest the evening with the party. The cave made for a very restless period of relaxation, even the consumed field rations did not comfort a hungry soul.

The next morning, while still in the Chaos Scar Vale; the party decides to try to find the trail of some notorious halflings. They spent the morning hours looking for The Brothers Gray Gang; this outfit is notorious for its bloodthirsty and merciless raids on isolated farmsteads and small groups of travelers. They’re number anywhere from a half dozen to ten or more, and it’s said they use an old mine works as their base of operations. The Brothers Gray gang is named for its leaders, halfling brothers named Graybairn, orphaned from a troll raid on a distant village years ago. They’re said to be completely insane overcome with blood-lust for their lost family and friends. Given the conditions of the party after a mostly restless evening the lack of information on their actual operations, the group decides to return to Geoferry. The think maybe locating the portal near Glenden Wood that a kobold told them they could use to get near the Brothers Gray hideout might prove to be more successful.

Nevitash uses the ritual scroll to contact Geoferry The party arrives at Geoferry keep. He is very excited that party was both successful in finding his friend Rangrim Spirebeard and the party recovered some of the residium from the drake corpses. The party also shows Geoferry the fragment of the chaos meteorite. Geoferry quickly announces the true nature of the meteorite shard by declaring the fragment “Evilllll!” He talks about this meteorite has a connection with the far realm. He also informs the party that the prism curios the group left for him to study are being manufactured using meteorite shards and in their manufacture an entity of the far realm is somehow connected and to activate the object is to break it which somehow summons a horror from that realm. “Ingenuous really.” Geoferry scoffs, as he suggests using a purification ritual to destroy the meteorite pieces and their associated curios objects. He asks to have some more time to study the meteorite and the trinket.

Grumbar needing a drink and some proper rest ushers the group to head into town. Their they find a common inn called the Lord’s Unicorn . The owner is a very tired venerable Eldarin named Marcela He greets the party into his establishment and gets their drink order. The tavern-maid Shiela delivers the fours rounds of Stouts to Grumbar and Rangrim Spirebeard They both drink and eventually the stouts take their toll. A large not so bright looking man, who turns out to be a drinking buddy; Tiny from Cragstone arm-wrestles Grumbar for the the next round of stouts. Grumbar definitively drinks Tiny under the table. Nevitash is proselyting the Sun God Pelor outside the inn, and gathering for himself a small group of elven and eladrin on-lookers. The rest of the group seeks out lodging at the inn, whilst Grumbar and Sheila relaxed, cough in her room.

The next morning the party is rearing to get moving onto adventure. They decide to take the the day fare (5 gp) portal route from Arwic to Glenden Wood. The party asks some local Glenden Wood elves in town and they direct them to a chaos scar portal near the Feywild world fall. The party verifies the portal and enter with a quick twist of the world as if the world was suddenly compressed, the party emerges in the Chaos Scar Vale but in a different area than their previous foray near the Kings wall.

The arrival into Chaos Scar Vale; they note the broken wall surrounding the rim made of imported stones. Rumor has it the Virindi built the retaining wall called the kings wall. A rift in the wall makes a natural passageway for the explorers. They quickly note some kobold-sized and larger (possibly Dragonborn) reptilian tracks are discovered. As before, very little life springs forth inside the Chaos scar besides some scrub grasses, thorn bushes, and weeds. Further in the scar can be found large copses of “Joshua” trees. Most wildlife here are well suited to the harsh habitat, such as vermin, and insects, and strange reptiles scurry about looking for a meal to scavenge. The vale seems covered in a multitude of natural and artificial burrows and caverns along the various tiers of the valley walls. The kobold tracks terminate into the mouth of a cavern where the sounds of metal hitting rock can be clearly interpreted as mining.

The party being very mindful of kobold traps manages to sneak unnoticed by the kobolds and attacks them. The party has trouble stopping the barrage of various ammunition slung at them while two well equipped kobold “dragonshields” press the party. During the battle a brown dragon wyrmling is aroused and quickly goes on the offensive with claw attacks on Rangrim Spirebeard Then it polymorphs into a vortex of sand blasting all its enemies as it passes through them. The wrymling declares itself as Kethendtir “destroyer of worlds” and the preaches about the audacity of interlopers to disturb his lair. The party narrowly defeats the kobolds and the wyrmling. They quickly retreat back to the portal drop to recover from their wounds. The party makes camp and readies for their next day.

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 4

The party recuperated, and the next day came across a Druid elf named Kazak Nailo grumbling about the Canadian bacon that turned out to be ham instead of fancy bacon. The party inquired his purpose out here, and Kazak stated he was a world-class traveler and his journey had lead him to this place. The party accompanied by their new primal companion, and headed back to finish the off the troupe of kobolds in a cavern nearby. Upon entering the kobold lair, the adventurers did a search of the chamber. They discovered the bottom of the sink hole was connected to a network of small tunnels. Probably a means for the kobolds to escape or get to other portions of the their domain. After the druid Kazak was hoisted back up from inspecting the sink hole, Oldris Namere thought it wise to seal off this passage as to avoid being flanked later on. Oldris and Grumbar began to move stones to block the passage. Kazak used insight to find a better method to accomplish this goal. Kazak noticed the mining picks might be used to collapse some of the nearby wall and fill in the sink hole passage. Grumbar struck the wall with all his might, some bad-luck befell him as the pick ricocheted off the wall and lodged into his eye. Grumbar screams in pain as blood gushes out of his head. Grumbar removes the pick and loses consciousness momentarily as Oldris and Nevitash stabilize Grumbar. Oldris attempts to motivate Grumbar into continuing to blockade the sink hole, and using the pick and help finish the job, Grumbar is unmoved by the attempt. Navitash using silvery-tongued words gets Grumbar to assist once more. Through some prayers and feats of engineering they create a sound closure equipped with buzz-saws. Navitash and Rangrim gather the mining instruments left behind by the deceased kobolds. The party continues onward to find the cave has broken through into an old dwarven-made citadel. The party finds what looks like an old library in disarray. Kobolds and a dragonborn occupy this room waiting to attack the intruders. The party is victorious as Oldris shuts down the Dragonborn mobility. The druid whips the slinger kobolds pulling them into the great crevasse in the middle of the room. The ranger Grumbar decisively slashes through one combatant after another. Afterward, Grumbar picks up three books from the piles of codex, books, scrolls, and parchments he thinks might be valuable if restored. The dragonborn prisoner is questioned and reveals the way to the Brothers Gray via portal sigil pattern used in the room below. The party agrees to release the dragonborn if he tells them all he knows. The party approaches the desk with the ritual scroll and portal sequence, however with a discerning eye notice the desk is trapped with a password. The password is quickly considered and used to power down the trap. The ritual scroll with the portal sequence of sigils inscribed is found along with some curios chalk. The chalk is clearly not ordinary yet after a few party members attempts to discover its purpose is met with disappointment. The party lowers down a rickety kobold ladder to the teleporation circle and they activate it. Oldris readys his gear and enters the portal the rest of the party arrives soon after. They are met by several more kobolds and another dragonborn wearing drake scale hide armor. Navitash quickly begins to parley with the dragonborn, assuring they are aligned with the dragonborn and kobolds to stop the threat of the halfling gang Brothers Gray. The dragonborn allows them to pass the party is let though a large doorway into an eight foot by eight foot passage. The passage is wrought with several crafty kobold traps. Kazak is hit by spikes, Rangrim is smacked by the kissing maiden trap. Only for the group to be faced by a 20 foot pitfall trap. Oldris decides to triggers the pitfall trap. He reveals canvas tarp covered with dirt, it free falls into the abyss of darkness, well a past the light of Oldris’ equipped sunrod. Kazzak and Navitash are certain that something is just not right. Navitash ties him self to the kissing maiden trap with Grumbars rope and tries to walk across the pit. The traps illusion was too great and Navitash kicks and screams in terror as he believes he is free falling into the pit to his death. Grumbar pulls on the rope and Navitash is saved. Kazak runs across un-phased. Grumbar knowing the trap is an illusion also tries to run across but again the traps illusion is too great for Grumbar to over come and he falls down to the ground screaming in terror as he is pulled back by Navitash. Finally Navitash and Grumbar hold hands to give each other internal strength, and both successfully make it across the pit-illusion holding hands. The fighter Oldris, and the avenger of Moradin, Rangrim Spirebeard both make it past the illusion. The party arrives at the mining mill-house of the Brothers Gray. They overcome their first combat encounter with the gang, all calling each other Boss. The party enters into mill and easily takes on two of the Brothers Gray, Finneus and Lambert Graybairn.

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 5

The party takes on a quest to assist a well known wizard named Casaubon, with a bit more flamboyance than actual talent. Casaubon is well connected in Arwic mostly for being in the right place at the right time if his record was truly examined. The party is offered a small stipend to find his apprentice[[ Mage-Bob Spellpants]]. His apprentice was reported to be kidnapped by ruthless cultists. A divination ritual allowed Casaubon to learn the general location with a portal drop near his apprentice last scryed location. After some careful considerations, the party accepted Casaubon’s quest.

The party was made their way to the chaos scar rim and past the king’s wall. The party successfully found some key markers which lead them to a ruin. the ruin being about 300 feet away through an old grove of deadwood trees. a Dreamtree was among the grove and began its attack. The party succeeded in cutting the tree and Grumbar cut a wedge of it as a trophy. The scout report noted at the ruins several humans around a camp fire and a dwarf as look out on the top of a wall. Unfortunately the fighter fell down during the stealth moment and alerted the dwarf sentry. The gray-skinned guard yells out,”Oh! You’re going to try and sneak up on me! Are ya?” in a pseudo-Scotch-Irish type accent. The humans at the camp fire quickly spring into combat. The combat looked straight forward until two gnome skulks joined the opposition. The party finally emerged victorious. The party discovers an eldritch artifact. The group quickly encounters more hostile creatures that seem both far Realmian and undead. The party has much difficulty but defeats the monstrous horde. The ruins inside take on a more twisted and alien feel; as walls seem to inhale and exhale, disembodied whispers and voices permeate the location. The party must figure out how to open the doorway to the next chamber. Rangrim searching is attacked by a sickly alien purple crackling energy cutting Rangrim off from air. A control panel is discovered, and the works to figure out a way to disable the door protective capabilities whilst trying to assist Rangrim. Kazak also succumbs to the energy and both him and Rangrim are suffering asphyxiation. The lever combination on the control panel is sequenced correctly and door is opened and the energy field releases its death grip on the two party members.

Into the next room are more monsters awaiting to kill the party members. A 15 foot pit hold Mage-Bob prisoner. Mage-Bob is not unattractive, but he is by no means handsome. A tall and lanky man with dark blond hair,curly on top and shorn at the sides, he is often sullen, sometimes terse. The wizard wears long blue robes and usually keeps his face hidden under a voluminous hood. He displays a number of strange physical habits, such as twiddling his fingers and rubbing his face. It is obvious he has experienced traumatic psionic suggestion.

The party survives but a very close call as Navitash almost saw his life flash before him. The party pulls Mage-Bob to safety. They decide to head back to Arwic and get some rest and get Mage-bob a bed and meal before returning him to his master.

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 6

The party returns to the Unicorn Inn. Grumbar already making time with Sheila as he shows off his polished wood wedge from the dream tree. Navitash tried to speak with Mage-Bob but he was visibly too shaken to be coherent. the next day Mage-Bob was reunited with his master. The party and paid each one 10 gold coins, but also promised to make the group known to all of Arwic as protectors.

Geoferry tower has endure some sort of earthquake. A circle roughly twenty feet in circumference around the towers foundation has been raised by three feet. Geoferry told the group that they must put a stop to the evil of the curios prisms. Geoferry located a shrine of the glass- spire forest. Geoferry gave the curios prism and the ritual to render all the crystal inert to Navitash. The party set out to through the portal back to the the chaos scar. The group find the glass-spire forest, it covers a few sqaure miles but the dangerously sharp and light scattering nature of the alien terrain made for slow going to the shrine. The trip was arduous and wrought with incidents. The party made their way to the shrine wear glass guardian scorpions did their best to stop the party. Inside the temple was a guardian spirit that was quickly brought down but not before Grumabar was dominated and dying. The floors were strewn with sticky, slick, and spike trapped sections. The ritual was performed the party not able to fully complete the ritual were then forcefully ejected from the shrine Grumbar and Navitash were both thrown upon broken shard-spires. The party took there leave from the temple as it seemed to now be more active and powering up for something bad. They made it back to the portal drop activated it and reported their ritual failure to Geoferry, who seemed very disappointed ,but understanding of the difficulty they encountered.

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 7

Rnagrim’s cousin sent word he needed Rangrim’s support as they are in an entrenched clash with some Drow. Kazak grove was destroyed and he was banished from the druidic order. Wilden seekers have been dispatched to kill Kazak for shirking his duties. Oldris, Navitash, and the Grumbar get word from Geoferry that he may have found another way to stop the corruption of the evil curios prisms.

The party listens to Geoferry; he tells them of an trading outpost between Qalabar and the chaos scar. The trip of roughly 200 miles from Qalabar. Qalabar has an old acquaintance named Jalen a Dwarf sage who can assist the party getting to the “Crossroads”. It is just distant enough from the closest settlements and bastions of order that those of less honorable origin can come to sell their wares and services. And it is likewise just far enough from the Chaos Scar that those seeking such wares and services can come without too much fear of trouble—although this is still a lawless area. It is a rough place, like the Scar beyond it, but this way-point is used by many adventurers (and the bravest of merchants and traders) as a final stopping place before entering the Chaos Scar proper.

The party meets up with Jalen who runs shop that sells magic rituals. Jalen is friendly but fancies himself a shrewd businessman first. Grumbar tempts him with a game of chance to reduce the cost of the Phantom steed ritual scrolls needed to get from Qalabar to the Crossroads. Grumbar utilizes his cheating die and wins the game of chance. Jalen puzzled respects the wager and sells them the ritual scroll and performs the ritual. The Grumbar, Nevitash and Oldris Namere fumble a bit trying to help Jalen perform his ritual but in the end they were furnished with four Phantom steeds.

Travel to the outpost was difficult and resting was difficult until the third day the group happens upon a caravan of Dwarves on their way to the crossroads. Upon arrival the first thing noticed is a twenty foot Gibbet with a few dozen gibbets hanging from them. Ravens flying about peaking at corpses in the gibbets. Three hobgoblins are guarding and poking at with their pole-arms a Human with tattoos on his head sitting inside a gibbet cage. Also a Githzerai sitting in another gibbet cage. Nevitash didn’t appreciate the mistreatment of the two prisoners and tried to discuss a way to get them released. The hobgoblins called the two imprisoned criminals and would not negotiate a release. Finally they decide to release them if the party could beat them in combat. The party defeated the hobgoblins and killed them. Then put the hobgoblin remains into some empty gibbets.

The group made proper acquaintances with a Human Psion namedVajra the Magnificent the Magnificent and a Githzerai Monk named Dak Race. The two decided to repay Navitash, the Grumbar, and Oldris for helping them escape from the hobgoblin guards The group by assisting them with their mission.

A Tiefling named Millen Silvereye has run the outpost for over twenty years. He agrees to help the party if they retrieve the item needed in the nearby bone-yard. The party encounters some undead and after their victory Oldris finds some boots with a silver coin with a Tiefling on one side and an eye on the other. The party takes a quick rest before continuing…

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 8

The party enters into the crossroads trading post operated by a Tiefling named Millen Silvereye. Hr accepts the coin the heros recover from the bone-yard. Millen directs them to a place near Tufu , a Gnome named Filgrim Underhollow who was once an apprentice of the Great Voran Earthmane. A master ritualist, and wizard has somehow has managed to live over to be over 500 years or so. He has a reputation to provide services to any creatures willing to pay the right price.

According to Millen Silvereye, the Gnome wizard has been ousted from one of his dwelling just outside Tufu. Apparently Orcs have taken residence over the last few days and are showing no intent of leaving. Why Filgrim did not seek help from the capable Warforged constables is unknown. Why he told Millen this information to find help is also not quite understood. Regardless, the adventurers asked Millen how to get to this manor, and if there was another route in which they may get there quickly. Millen Silvereye reveals of a Dwarven Ferry man named Glaus. Glaus a thickly muscled Dwarf with moonboat powered by dire sturgeon fish. The route brought the group through a storm and then near the coast a sad scene of a village destroyed possibly by the Tummerok. Not wishing to get involved and stay on track the party continues its journey to Yaraq. In Yaraq the party rents some camels to make way to Tufu about a days travel away.

The party arrives in Tufu. A Warforged constable greets them as they enter. The impressive architecture of minarets, and gnomish device twirling about inspires awe. The town Proper walls are twenty feet tall of solid metal. Another impressive feat considering ore is not plentiful in the desert. Ordered chaos can definitely sum up the feel of the town as gnomish inventions haphazardly assist gnome, warforged, and human residents. After inquring the town constable about Filgrim, an address is acquired,taking the party just outside of Tufu North-Western gate. The party notices the doors to the manor have been broken into and one of the doors is actually leaning against the door frame in a lame attempt to hide the intrusion. Oldris kick down the door to investigate. They are met with fire beetles and Orcs. The party then moves into the banquet room to find more Orcs. The party rests and readys to enter the sleeping chambers…

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 9

The group finished a quick breather, and continued its mission to evict the unwanted Orcs from the gnome’s manor. The group finds three really thuggish looking Orcs, one obviously in charge and a pet dire wolf. The dire wolf was quickly put down, eventually the orcs were subdued. The fire place contains a lving fire elemental trapped by a sort of force field which contained the creature but not the warmth it generates. The orc leader protested against the Grumbar’s mixed heritage and warned them about the nightmares that dwell below.

The party disregards the warning and encounter two clay scout homunculus, two iron defenders, and two arbalaster constructs. The party mostly annoyed and slowed by the constructs but not really endangered destroy the guardians. The find a small cloister with three levers. The party lowers the first one the area id filled with a sound of low pitched hum followed by quiet. The party lowers the second lever, several simultaneous metallic clicks are heard. The party continues down the hall and investigates. The monk tries to stealth around and comes face to um well side with a gelatinous cube. Nevitash and Vajra insight tells them something is a miss. Nevitash determines its an illusion. He races through the cube apparently unaffected. The monk follows suit, all make through but a few were horrified mentally, by a feeling of acid burning them as they passed through the cube illusion. The party find a smaller door around the corner past the illusion of the gelatinous cube.

The party can hear the sounds of slithering and movement, they can see under the door strobe-lighting emanating from within the chamber beyond this door. The party enters and sees ochre jellies and far-realm monstrosities fidgeting and causing a ruckus within the chamber which obviously serves as some sort of creature kennel for a laboratory. The party destroys the maddening creatures.

The party recovers from their break and searching of the laboratory to find another room with several shelves lining the exterior walls and a couple of rolling ladders to reach the highest shelves. The shelves are filed with all sorts of mechanization, metal gears, bolts, nuts, and screws. This room looks like it has all the makings of a warforge storage room. The next room were found several warforged husks apparently inoperable or never imbued with life.

The final room had sounds of a factory loud roaring noises, The party enters and finds several crazed wrackedfored. Their eyes had a sickly green-purple luminescent glow and immediately assaulted the group. The party took heavy hits the monk fell conscious temporarily as did the psion, the Grumbar bloodied and disheartened sought to maybe retreat from the area. Alas the wrackedforged constructs dealt damage to the party and themselves with their area bursts. The party utilized some impressive combat maneuvering and power usage to defeat the wrackedforged constructs. The weary adventurer’s find some gold coins from the intruders, some armor, a belt, and several ritual books and scrolls. Hopefully one of the scrolls be what they are sought to recover. The party clears the Manor and decides to rest there for the day.

Chaos Scar Adventure Log! Pg. 10

The party recovers several ritual books and a letter that read:

It is time for the master to return. Cold darkness is seeping across the land and it’s filling our bodies with new power. I can feel him waiting and his power is growing even in his imprisonment. He wants to be free. As much as I fear the Virindi, I fear the Hopeslayer more. I shall seek them out and if they do not destroy me on sight, I shall ask for aid in returning Bael’Zharon to Dereth. You will be free soon, First Herald. Then shall the Brotherhood of the Scar shall pay for their treachery. Soon…

The party takes the ritual books and the letter to Geoferry in Arwic. Geoferry is truly disturbed by the letter, and reveals the party must go to Lytelthrope. One of the rituals a very complex spell is now in Geoferry’s possession as he tries to examine its elements. The party was told by Geoferry to destroy the bones of the aspect of Tharizdun. Apparently long ago Tharizdun’s aspect was destroyed and the bones were sealed in a tomb. The land was cursed. Undead rove aimlessly in Lytelthrope. The lands around continously have a eerie mist and gray-scale palate of colors surrounding it. The party heads into Lytelthorpe, as the approach the keep they encounter run-ins with the shambling hordes of undead. They race to the Gatehouse of the keep with undead mobs chasing them. The party enters the gatehouse and instantly combat ensues. The adventurer’s undergo a tough encounter and narrowly defeat some chillborn zombies, a wraith, and a Bleak Necromancer. The party makes its way into Lytelthorpe keep.


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