Dereth can be a harsh world where even the strong eek out a living. The Olthoi, a horrible insect type race, which enslaved nearly all human and humanoid races, forcing them to live in underground colonies throughout Dereth. This occupation was called the “Deep Times”, and believed to be almost 400 summers in length. There were very few barbaric humans and humanoids races living relatively free in very small pockets of isolation or tribal units.

Until about 70 summers ago, when an Elf named Elysa Swiftheart and her betrothed, a Human named Thorsten Cragstone, lead a revolt against the Olthoi. One colony fell, then another, as Elyssa and Thorsten freed slaves, the revolt grew larger in magnitude and vengeance. Genocide (the Great Cleansing) of the Olthoi was unstoppable. Finally in an epic battle against the master hive, Elyssa let loose an arrow piercing the Olthoi Queen through an eye, killing the Queen instantly. Sadly her betrothed Thorsten Cragstone fell in battle simultaneously. The Olthoi were soon wiped out. When the humans and humanoid races emerged victorious many of the survivors rebuilt new settlements on top of old ruins of their forefathers.

The Olthoi instituted several breeding programs on their slaves. This lead to different physical attributes of humans within the regional colonies, the humans are now outwardly divided into three sub-races and cultures. The Aluvians which tend to be fair-skinned and or fair-haired of whom Thorsten Cragstone belonged. This culture also favors the use of the dagger. The Sho-to which were slightly more olive in complexions and typically have little facial or body hair. This group has its own love for the spiked gauntlet and other fist type weapons. The Gharu’dim which are markedly darker in complexion and hair with tight curly locks. This group of Humans taught their young to use the staff. Each of these human subcultures formed new villages and towns based on their cultural and environmental influences from the deep times. The Deep Times is what was known by all as the four centuries of slavery in underground insect colonies of the Olthoi.

The splinter human race as known as the Aluvians, which Thorsten Cragstone was a member, they share traits of blond or reddish to light brown hair, iris shades of blue to blue gray. The Aluvians are sometimes considered an aggressive or warlike temperament. They have learned to favor the daggers, dirks, and shivs for its ease of concealment.

The splinter human race as known as the Gharun’dim, which Numudria belongs, they share traits of reddish-brown to dark black hair, iris shades typically brown, but green or blue have been seen in rare instances. The Gharun’dim of much darker complexions and skin tones from light tan to almost ebony. Desert-dwellers who favor knowledge and trade over war and bloodshed, the Gharun’dim are a formal culture, but they also have a reputation for being somewhat distant and proud. Preferring to talk before fighting whenever possible, they speak with great politeness and formality, peppering their speech with honorifics. They have learned to favor the staves for its usefulness in the dunes.

The splinter human race as known as the Sho-to,all share physical traits of dark brown to jet black(being more common) hair, iris shades of brown , though green eyes being rare. The Aluvians are sometimes considered an aggressive or warlike temperament. The Sho-to are a people for whom duty and self-discipline are the highest virtues. Though generally peaceful, they have raised warfare to an art form and a philosophy. While they are slow to be moved, they make formidable enemies – or lifelong friends. The Sho-to have developed lethal and unarmed and fist-weapon techniques that all Sho-to children are taught. The Sho-to believe the best offense is to have a good defense.

Another human group has emerged on Dereth named the Kalashtar, they have arrived via portal magic and now many call this planet home. Many have Kalashtar have taken residence in Gharun’dim towns and even similar external features as the Gharun’dim, but their glowing eyes give betray any mistaken heritage as not Gharun’dim.

Of the other humanoid races they typically lived or suffered under the general conditions described below: Goliaths sometimes called Lugians (hostile tribes called Grotok) many of which adverted the Deep Times as they were relatively protected from the Olthoi in the Linvak Mountains in the South, and rhe Northern Osteth Mountains of Dereth. The free Drow and the free Dwarves occasionally fought against the Olthoi but all sides seemed mutually uninterested in full warfare unless territorial or political deputes occurred. Many Shifters stayed hidden in small clans in the forests and beach-lands. Tieflings, Genasi, and Devas were once humans but were changed in very cruel experiments by the vile ethereal creatures who wear Human skin-suits or porcelain “Sho-to-doll” type masks with flowing robes to deceive others of their true nature. These sadistic and cruel creatures are called the Virindi. The Eladrin, Wilden, and Shadar-kai have arrived about 70 years ago in Dereth, ever since the Olthoi were driven into extinction. Dragonborn are bit of a mystery to their origin as they were not known in Dereth before the Olthoi took the world hostage. The Warforged were created by the Gnomes of Dereth during the Great Cleansing. The sentient machines were tasked to destroy the Olthoi and were well suited in that task. Now that the Olthoi are but gone, the Warforged have assimilated into society as former heroes and countrymen.

Gnomes, Halflings, and Half-elves all have a special hatred for the Olthoi. Those races suffered much ant the clutches of their captors. Many of these races were used as food for the Olthoi, it wasn’t uncommon for these races to be forced to slay their family members and prepare them in an Olthoi ichor stew so that their masters and their grubs can feed.

Some new races have also made themselves known within the last few years. The Githzerai, about 400 or have found away here via portal magic and many were part of a war band to snuff out the far-realmian aberrations that arrived on Dereth. These intrusions are attributed to the chaos meteorite. Their war party was met with stiff resistance from the brotherhood of the shard. Casualties were high on both sides but the Githzerai were halted. Stunted in their plan the Githerzerai regrouped in several human towns as their way back to the elemental plane of chaos was cut off by the brotherhood of the shard. The Shardmind are very few in number about 25 in Dereth and some believe there is a connection with the Chaos Meteorite and their arrival, but nobody is sure what, if any connection is true. The Shardmind’s innate psionic abilities have gained them prominence in Mayoi. There is rumors of a non-hostile tribe of Minotauren. Only rangers and wardens have claimed to have met with these beast-men.

It has been 70 summers since the Olthoi (the Great Cleansing) revolt and teleportation circles provide easy transportation for a price between settlements.

Just before the deep times began a massive meteorite impacted upon the Western side of Dereth. The blast infused evil into Dereth creating the obsidian colored wastelands, known as the Direlands. The civilized populations are rediscovering their roots from a time before the Olthoi, some for posterity, some for riches, and some for power. Monsters of untold horrors and evil men and enigmatic Virindi called the Brotherhood of the Scar control the largest fragment of the meteorite. Some say it’s the seed of Bane that will turn man against itself into never ending war. Some says its from the far-realm. Some say the it’s evil incarnate.

The most sought out place for adventure and wealth is the Chaos Scar and the surrounding Direlands. Are you ready for adventure?


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